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Electronic Image Division

Electronic Image Division Club Competition

The Monticello Camera Club (MCC) conducts an Electronic Image Division (EID) competition on the second Tuesday of each month. This competition is open to all club members in good standing. All images submitted will be displayed on the Monticello Camera Club's website, following competition night, with recognition for advancing images. Images which advance from the Monticello Camera Club to the monthly Columbia Council of Camera Club's EID competition compete against all advancing images, from all member clubs, for Award of Merit and Honorable Mention ribbons. Advancing images are also entered into Photographic Society of America competitions, of which the Columbia Council of Camera Club's and the Monticello Camera Club are both members of.

2020-2021 Monthly Score Sheets

October 2020 EID Competition Images

October 2020 EID Entries

Competition Rules & Guidelines (2021-2022)

The Monticello Camera Club (MCC) follows the Electronic Image Division competition rules and guidelines as set forth by our parent organization, the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4C's). These guidelines have been revised for the 2020-2021 season.

Starting in September 2021 there are 4 Categories. Traditional (T), Monochrome (M), Altered Reality (A), and Supplemental Source (S)

File and Formatting:
  • Entry is not limited to images created and/or modified digitally. Images may also be acquired and/or modified traditionally and then converted to electronic format (such as by digital scanning).
  • Images must be submitted in .JPG format
  • Images should be created using the sRGB color space format
  • Images shall not exceed the pixel dimensions of 1400 (wide) by 1050 (tall)
  • Images shall not exceed a dpi value of 72
  • Image file size shall not exceed 2000kb
  • Members may submit a total of ten (10) images in T,M,A, plus 4 Supplemental Source images (not included in the 10 for the other categories)
  • Image file names shall meet the following format
    • Artist_Club_Title_Category.jpg
      • Example: JoshuaSmith_MCC_RedDoor_T.jpg
    • Please Note: There are no spaces in between words. Please capitalize each new word, and place an underscore between the Photographer's Name, Club Initials, Image Title, and Category.

Images may be submitted either by email or in person.

Submission via email:
Members may submit their monthly EID images at any time, but no later than 11:59 PM on the Monday preceding competition night. Be sure to attach (not embed) your images to the message. Email submissions to The EID Chair will acknowledge your submission and confirm that your entries have been received and accepted.

Any image(s) submitted past the posted deadline will be held over for entry into the following months competition.